Are You Afraid of Public Speaking?


We Irish are said to have “the gift of the gab.”

No wonder more than 90% of Irish people believe that being able to speak well in public plays an important role in career progression.

Yet fewer than 1 in 5 Irish business people claim to have any confidence in public speaking.

And that’s where we can help.

At last, a ‘club’ for reluctant speakers

Surveys show public speaking is the number one fear, even ahead of death – as incredible as that sounds.

At The Reluctant Speakers Club, you can learn – at a pace and manner that suits you – how to be a better, more confident, more polished speaker.

Our members – support staff, managers, senior executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs – want to be more comfortable at effective speaking in a variety of venues: everything from workplace meetings and sales presentations to speeches and investor relations.

Training takes place in a safe, secure environment. Your instructor is a polished, professional speaker who knows the tricks of the trade and gladly shares them with you.

Training tailored to your presentation needs and skills

At The Reluctant Speakers Club, you receive training in public speaking in the format that suits you best – from one-on-one private coaching to customised group classes to public seminars.

Step by step, you master the art of public speaking including topic development, research, scripting, creating visual aids that engage, speech delivery, and audience management.

That way, you can see significant improvement in your public speaking skills in a surprisingly short time … with whatever level of confidentiality you require.

Significant benefits for your career — and your business

When you can express yourself clearly and persuasively in speech, you can:

  • Become more confident.
  • Win the respect of others.
  • Get people to trust you.
  • Overcome barriers to success.

  • Influence and inspire your team.
  • Communicate for results.
  • Become a more effective leader.

Stop procrastinating. Start speaking.

If you’ve ever wished to be a smoother public speaker, now is the ideal time to get started, as new classes begin soon.

For more information on The Reluctant Speakers Club public speaking courses … or to register … click the button below now.

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