Attention: Inject Passion Into Your Speeches

While there are many ingredients required to create and deliver a great speech, inject passion into what you say if you want people to do something after you finish speaking.

Making sound arguments and establishing trust with your audience is also essential – but, you need to do more to motivate an audience into action.

Here’s why.

Emotion sells

Almost all purchase decisions require an emotional decision. And this idea has application for those who want to influence others with a speech.

If you want an audience to do more than believe arguments you make, make sure you connect with them at an emotional level.

Be passionate.

As authors Chip and Dan Heath put it:

Belief counts for a lot, but belief isn’t enough. For people to take action, they must care”, Made to Stick (Arrow Books, 2008)

Use passion to connect with your audience

Ronald Reagan and the power of passion: ‘We the people’

Ronald Reagan provides wonderful examples of how adding emotion into a speech can help you to engage audiences more effectively:

  1. Look like you care – An audience that believes you care about something is more likely to feel the same way you do.
  2. Evoke emotions – Emotional messages are almost always more memorable. And if they are more memorable, they are more likely to acted upon
  3. Sell how the future will feel – People are more likely to take a journey with you if they can visualize the benefits they will feel when they arrive at the desired destination you describe.

Over to You

What speakers have made you care, by injecting passion in what they said?

How did these speakers make you feel? Share your recollections and observations.


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