Build Reach for Your Stories and Ideas: The Power of Collaboration – Podcast Episode 8

The Power of Embracing CommunityTribes. Communities. Congregations. Associations.

Business forums where like-minded people come together to network, collaborate, and share their ideas and stories are plentiful both offline and online.

And recognising that you can’t be all things to all people and your limited resources (including time)…

…How do you decide which groups you’ll choose to embrace and prioritise?

Plus, what does it take to set these groups up for greater success – where all participants find the reward for their efforts worth the effort involved?

Listen in to an interview with entrepreneur and PR veteran Eoin Kennedy about:

  • Why sharing and participating in mutually beneficial forums for social engagement pays, and
  • Why so many local social media practitioners, agencies, academics and businesses will be at the new  un-conference in Cong in County Mayo later this month.

How the Right Congregations Can Boost the Reach and Impact of Your Messages

In today’s podcast, Eamonn O’Brien and Eoin discuss:

  • What’s happening in Cong on the 30th November
  • Who it’s for and how you can earn the right to be there
  • Why businesses should pay more attention to collaboration to promote ideas
  • Why some businesses communities thrive while others fall by the wayside
  • Key considerations when choosing which groups you want to join
  • What it takes for communities to grow and achieve sustainability
  • And more


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About Eamonn O'Brien

Public speaking master, Eamonn O'Brien is the founder of The Reluctant Speakers Club.