Why Courageous, Authentic Storytelling is Irresistible When You Speak – Podcast 45

Why Your Stories MatterDoes storytelling play a pivotal role in the ways you seek to inspire and influence others with your ideas and messages? And if you do tell stories, how authentic are you prepared to be?

I quite like the author Sarah Ban Breathnach’s notion that:

“The authentic self is the soul made visible”

Love it. Don’t you find it’s easier to be drawn towards and trust people who are free of any loftiness,  hints of smoke or mirrors, or inklings that you’re not hearing all you should know?

After all, who has the time or inclination to figure what’s real and what’s not? Not many, right?

And the good news is that a willingness to add that word ‘authentic’ to the telling of meaningful personal stories – especially when tackling difficult or sensitive topics – can help you to attract more attention and trust than most any other tack you might take.

Of course, that can take courage. And truth be told, you could feel vulnerable or exposed in the process.

You could take a safer line. But you’ll likely not achieve the same results.

In today’s expert interview I had the chance to speak with my friend and author of Boldly Bald Women, Pam Fitros about why this is true and how having the courage to tap into authentic storytelling is truly worth it.

Lean in to learn how adopting this thinking will help you to be a more engaging and memorable speaker and to feel more confident about yourself.

What Every Speaker Needs to Know About the Power of Authentic Story Telling

Listen in as we discuss:

  • An event that was to be the catalyst for Pam’s stories
  • The day a naive youngster yelled “Hey lady, did you know you’re bald?” and opened so many doors
  • How telling stories can make you and your audience feel differently
  • Why honing your public speaking skills will transform how audiences react to what you say and just how much they remember
  • The emotional and social support you can gain by learning from others
  • Why you must first believe so others can follow your lead
  • The challenges/obstacles that unfold when you give into fears of rejection
  • Why sharing stories leads to deeper connection with your audience and builds community
  • How to translate your stories into a powerful message (hint: connecting the dots is important)
  • And more

Over to You

How do you feel about telling personal stories from the podium? What are you prepared to do and what would challenge your comfort zones?

Share your thoughts; I’m always delighted to hear from you.


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