What Every Speaker Should Know About Sharing Messages and LinkedIn – Podcast 47

Speakers Do Your Message TravelAssuming you’ve delivered an awesome speech from the podium, having won undivided attention and shared messages that have inspired your audience, what happens next? How do you up the chances that conversations you’ve sparked from the stage continue and get translated into action?

In the same vein that the secret to awesome networking is awesome follow up; the same is true of speaking.

It’s a bit like Albert Einstein observation that: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”; a message that doesn’t move will likely fall flat.

And when it comes to follow up in business today and sharing messages, speakers would do well to pay extra attention to the full range of goodies that LinkedIn offers you.

Of course, there are many other social media tools that may matter to you too – from Facebook to Twitter, from Pinterest to Instagram, from YouTube to new kids on the block like Periscope, and more. And while, I’ll continue to look at these from a speaker perspective as well – including why they help cultivate deeper relationships with those you hope to influence…

…I’m so pleased to welcome CEO of Linkedin to Business, speaker, author of ‘LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day’, host of Linkedinchat, and the proud owner of the mantel ‘Linkedin Expert’, Viveka Van Rosen into our expert’s chair today – who spills the beans on easy steps you can take to get the absolute maximum from LinkedIn.

Lean in to uncover a boatload of top tips you can use to take your current knowledge of matters LinkedIn to a new level – hugely amplifying the impact you achieve from the words and messages you share when on stage and elsewhere.
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Speakers, How LinkedIn Can Help You Amplify The Messages You Share

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why you should tag, tag, tag on Linkedin to boost conversations you start from the podium
  • How LinkedIn can help you to find and foster deeper relationships with your audiences
  • What you need to know about being found on LinkedIn, WITHOUT getting blacklisted in the process
  • Why you must think ‘compelling’ first when creating copy that includes your keywords
  • Secrets to following up from the podium (hint: why thinking small can pay big time)
  • Why you must avoid generic chat like the plague and get personal instead
  • Opportunities to share at a whole new level and win gazillions of new fans
  • Image matters & more when sharing content on LinkedIn
  • Why you don’t want the words ‘selly-selly’ to be associated with you
  • The power of doing what only you can do, impeccably!
  • And more

Over to You

How does LinkedIn help you when it comes to sharing messages you deliver through your talks and being perceived as a thought leader in your chosen space?

Do you agree with Jeff Weiner of Linkedin, who says it’s appeal is built on the premise that it’s “simply, a professional network”?

Which of Viveka’s tips have you found most useful and would you add any of your own?


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