3 Lessons Steven Spielberg Can Teach You About Better Storytelling

Uncover storytelling secrets for speakers from Stephen SpielbergAre there secrets to better storytelling?

You bet. In the hands of a master, like filmmaker extraordinaire Steven Spielberg, ordinary or even ‘meh’ stories can be transformed into riveting fare.

And much of what sets Steven apart as a teller of tales comes from his ability to find and use ‘outside of the box’ nuances to heighten viewer experiences.

Here’s a for instance quote that illustrates how he thinks:

“Why pay a dollar for a bookmark? Why not use your dollar as a bookmark?”

Don’t you love it?

By looking beyond the obvious, he finds myriad ways to add new angles, flavours and/or perspectives to most any story.

And in today’s video I dig into 3 specific things Spielberg does when telling stories that can instantly help you to boost your storytelling impact.

Make Your Good Stories Great – Uncover 3 Storytelling Techniques Steven Spielberg Uses to Create Movie Magic

Lean in to hear:

    1. Why your cast (character) decisions and the jobs you give them in your stories will shape how audiences experience your tales
    2. The importance of having ‘just enough’ detail to help audiences to ‘invest in ‘and ‘feel immersed by’ what’s going on
    3. Why you have to work and rework your ideas – realising that most raw stories need a serious level of polishing to reach their full potential

And here are 2 further things he does when telling stories that you should consider too:

  • He speak in his own voice – so even if he tells a story told by others in the past, it feels like you’re experiencing a fresh or a different version of the story
  • If he wants to find quick win ways to improve a story he’s trying to tell, he finds making tweaks to ‘dialogue’ and ‘character attitudes’ are his 2 best sources for better results.

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