9 Business Storytelling Tips From Master Storyteller Doug Stevenson. Podcast 86

When asked for storytelling tips, here’s one of my favourite questions: “Where can I find a perfect story when I need one for a presentation or talk?”

And that’s because I have great news for you: You’re likely good to go to find exactly what you need right now (and/or can add more awesome material in a really short space of time).

Not sure that’s true? Consider this:

As of this very second, your head is chock full of stories you have accumulated for as long as you’ve been on this mortal coil – from work, rest and play. And, with even a modicum of curiousity and a handy-dandy notebook, you can readily accumulate more great stuff every day (click here for an instant example).

In fact, you are awash with great storytelling material.


…The bigger questions you need to ask when selecting stories for a speech are:

  • Which of the many raw stories you have amassed should you choose to support any specific message you have in mind?
  • How can you readily mould these into more riveting and engaging fare?
  • What steps can you take to make your stories even more relatable, powerful and memorable?

If you’d like answers to these questions, you’re in luck…

…As I’m delighted to be joined today by one of my favourite professional speaking peers from across the pond in the US of A – it’s storytelling master, keynoter, author, trainer and creator of The Storytelling Theater Method, Doug Stevenson.

At Last, The Secrets to Creating Riveting Stories For Your Presentations

Lean in to hear us discuss:

  • Why stories should be your ‘go to method’ for delivering wisdom you want to share
  • Surprising truths about where to look for stories your audiences will just love
  • What you want audiences to feel and experience when delivering stories from the stage
  • An example of a story that captures attention, educates and then elevates audiences experiences
  • Where to start when figuring out what stories you’ll use and when in your talks
  • The secret to honing more magical stories (including 4 must-have ingredients)
  • Why finding examples of where you messed up can be your ticket to relatable stories
  • The most important gift you need to give your audiences (and yourself) when sharing a story
  • And more

Over to You

What challenges do you experience when it comes to choosing or honing stories for your talks?

What lessons have you learned by listening to speakers who shared stories that really floated your boat?

If you’d like to learn how to tell a better story for you or your business, contact me at eobrien@thersc.ie, I’ll be delighted to help you.


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