Craft Investment Pitches That Wow The Creme de la Creme of Venture Capital Investors

Jim Goetz Tips on Investment PitchesMost investment pitches fail. And that’s because investors, particularly of the venture capitalist variety, tend to be super selective about the very few folks they will ultimately back. It’s a case of many are called but the vast, vast majority of them will be shown the exit door!

While thinking about a good analogy or metaphor for today’s post, here’s what came to my mind:

Most entrepreneurs who pitch to sophisticated investors finish up a bit like the contestants in one of the Hunger Games movies—it’s quickly evident that they’re ‘not long for this world!’


How to Win Investments From Angel Investors – 5 Insights Every Entrepreneur Should Know

What an Angel Investor Really Wants to Know

According to a Harvard/MIT report cited by the Kaufman Foundation: ‘If you can win investments from angel investors, the chances of your business being a success are significantly higher’.

Of course, this stands to reason as angel investors commonly offer high potential entrepreneurs far more than mere financial support…

…They can also bring ideas, expertise, contacts, introductions, access to resources and collaborations, and more, to a business. And when you put all of these things together, they can lead to serious, accelerated business growth prospects.

Really valuable, right?

And it begs the question, what can you do to increase the chances that you can be among the small percentage of entrepreneurs they choose to back?


The Story Difference – On Causing Investors to Make You Offers You Can’t Refuse! Podcast 71

Use Story to Attract Buyers for Your BusinessIf you plan to find a buyer for your business at any time in the future, your ability to craft better stories will likely be the difference between whether you attract offers that knock your socks off or not. And here’s why.

Check out a case in point. According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsonite say they’ll “pay about $1.8 billion for the luxury luggage maker Tumi in its biggest acquisition since listing”.

And here’s the interesting thing…that’s at a whopping 33% premium on rival Tumi Holdings Inc’s traded share prices at the time of bidding.

Why would Samsonite be prepared to pay such a significant premium?


Don’t Set Your Investment Pitches up to Fail

Paschal McGuire Enterprise Ireland

Paschal McGuire, Enterprise Ireland

How come many start up companies with great products and oodles of promise struggle to win investment support for their ideas…while other, seemingly less exciting, ideas get funded every day?

Where are they going wrong?

What’s the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make in their investment pitches?

That’s a question I put to Paschal McGuire, Director of Entrepreneurship for the North East and North West of Ireland at Enterprise Ireland –  the state development agency that helps high potential Irish SMEs to grow internationally through financial support, networks and advice.