A Storytelling Mistake Every Speaker Needs to Avoid

why speakers must never tell drive-by storiesHere’s a non-secret spoiler alert: Storytelling is the single best means a speaker has to excite an audience and inspire them to remember their ideas long after they step away from a podium.

Unlike facts and figures which are typically forgotten lickety-split, well crafted and delivered stories have the power to engage the human brain at an entirely different level – making it monumentally more likely your ideas can be recalled weeks, months or even years after being shared.

“Big deal. Surely everyone, including any leader worth his or her salt, must know that”, I hear you cry!

Of course.

BUT – while most executives do indeed appreciate the latent potency of first rate storytelling, here’s something that might surprise you (and this is based on having worked with thousands of business leaders to hone their speaking skills over many years)…


3 Lessons Steven Spielberg Can Teach You About Better Storytelling

Uncover storytelling secrets for speakers from Stephen SpielbergAre there secrets to better storytelling?

You bet. In the hands of a master, like filmmaker extraordinaire Steven Spielberg, ordinary or even ‘meh’ stories can be transformed into riveting fare.

And much of what sets Steven apart as a teller of tales comes from his ability to find and use ‘outside of the box’ nuances to heighten viewer experiences.

Here’s a for instance quote that illustrates how he thinks:

“Why pay a dollar for a bookmark? Why not use your dollar as a bookmark?”

Don’t you love it?

By looking beyond the obvious, he finds myriad ways to add new angles, flavours and/or perspectives to most any story.

And in today’s video I dig into 3 specific things Spielberg does when telling stories that can instantly help you to boost your storytelling impact.


Why Highly ‘Visual Stories’ Add Serious Sparkle to Your Presentations

Tell visual storiesDon’t you just love listening to an exceptional storyteller in action – where you find yourself ‘visually’ engrossed in an unfolding story, dying to know what’s going to happen next, and mentally transported to new worlds?

In today’s post, I’m going to share a single, simple tip you can use to bring your storytelling to a new level when giving presentations – where you don’t merely chronicle events in a purely narrative fashion, but add spice, sparkle, and scintillation to stories via the ancient art of showing ahead of telling.

But, rather than tell you about this tip, I’m going to show you – courtesy of a recent interview given by the always entertaining Tom Hanks on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show.


Open Your Ears to Find Funny Material For Your Speeches

Ask any successful comedian; being funny takes a lot of work and is actually quite a serious business.

Typically, there are many rounds of writing, re-writing and testing required to create an awesome stand-up set. And it can take time.

But, here’s a truism. Things can go a deal faster if you start with good material.