Like an Instant Boost to Your Speaker Presence? Learn From How The French Eat

Speaker Lessons From Eating Like The French

Sometimes I get inspiration for blog posts on better speaking from odd places and this one – which is about boosting your speaker presence – falls into that category.


Why Storytelling is a Secret to Awesome Business Networking Results

Having fears about business networking isn’t just normal, it’s more wide-spread that you might imagine!

Research shows 1 in 4 people feel so uncomfortable about these situations that they avoid them like the plague. And another estimated 50%, called ambiverts (people who osculate between being introvert and extrovert), admit to experiencing varying degrees of networking butterflies depending on the seniority of people likely to attend an event or how high stakes they think an occasion is.

Yuk, especially since it’s hard to get on in any business or career if you can’t embrace networking. In fact, as the CEO of Campbell Soup Denise Morrison puts it: “Networking is working”

She’s right and here’s just a small selection of why that’s true:

  • 95% of leaders argue that in person meetings are essential to stronger and more meaningful business relationships (Forbes)
  • The majority (80%) of marketers believe live events are critical to their success (Bizzabo)
  • 70% to 80% of all jobs are found through networking (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

And yet, per Greg McKeown in the Harvard Business Review, 99% of networking is a waste of time!

“Say what? Hold the canapes and where’s the exit?” I hear you say! What’s he talking about?


Why Leadership and Customer Communication Skills Need to Take Centre Stage as AI Adoption Heats up

AI will demand superion leadership communication skillsAre you ready for how AI or Artificial Intelligence will tranform workplaces in most every industry and demand a widespread upgrading of leadership communication skills?

Here’s what’s happening folks. After decades of fits, starts and false dawns about what robotics or machines could do…


3 Secrets to Leader Empathy

Leader empathy secretsDo modern leaders really need empathy – the ability to relate to and build upon the feelings and emotions of others – to be a better leader?

In short, if you have a role where you need to lean more heavily on influencing others ahead of merely issuing instructions, the answer is likely ‘yes’.

In fact, there’s hardly an industry or profession where emotional intelligence hasn’t become one of the most sought after traits for leaders.