Why Fake News Is Making it Harder to Win and Keep Trust

Aprils Fool and Fake News

Today’s post is inspired by the fact that we’ve just past yet another April’s Fool Day (where many an attempt is made to pull the wool over eyes for a bit of fun) and contrasting this with the truly damaging effects emerging from the rise and rise of fake news.


Need to Manage Change? Beware of This Harsh Brexit Lesson

It can be tough to manage change, especially if faced with the need to unravel ingrained, multi-layered behaviours, systems and ways of doing things.

And while this can be plenty complicated at a corporate level, how about ‘them Brexit apples’ (as the UK starts a process that will lead to its divorce from European Union membership)?


Don’t Lash Out During a PR Crisis – Why Trump is Playing With Fire

Don't lash out in a PR CrisisToday’s post was inspired by a personal anecdote that shines a light on why leaders shouldn’t lash out when faced with a PR crisis and negative press coverage.


Hone Your Leadership Communication Skills to Ignite Your Results – Podcast 75

Hone your leadership communication results to ignite your resultsIn a world where change is constant in most every business and industry, leadership communication skills are the single most important determinant of success in business.

And would be leaders who struggle to foster the right level of teamwork and esprit will likely find themselves in a deal of trouble – perhaps even facing the prospect of something President Franklin Roosevelt spoke about many, many years ago:

It is a terrible thing to look over your shoulder when you are trying to lead — and find no one there.”

No kidding. Talk about a sinking feeling, right?

Here’s the thing. You can have the best ideas in the world, but if you don’t win the hearts and minds of those you need to lead (whether they work with you, for you or someone else)…