3 Secrets to Leader Empathy

Leader empathy secretsDo modern leaders really need empathy – the ability to relate to and build upon the feelings and emotions of others – to be a better leader?

In short, if you have a role where you need to lean more heavily on influencing others ahead of merely issuing instructions, the answer is likely ‘yes’.

In fact, there’s hardly an industry or profession where emotional intelligence hasn’t become one of the most sought after traits for leaders.


My Faith in Others is Renewed – A Belgian Story About Going The Extra Mile

Walk your talkI did something really stupid en route to a wedding in Brussels with my wife today (and revisited a valuable lesson along the way).


Why Fake News Is Making it Harder to Win and Keep Trust

Aprils Fool and Fake News

Today’s post is inspired by the fact that we’ve just past yet another April’s Fool Day (where many an attempt is made to pull the wool over eyes for a bit of fun) and contrasting this with the truly damaging effects emerging from the rise and rise of fake news.


Need to Manage Change? Beware of This Harsh Brexit Lesson

It can be tough to manage change, especially if faced with the need to unravel ingrained, multi-layered behaviours, systems and ways of doing things.

And while this can be plenty complicated at a corporate level, how about ‘them Brexit apples’ (as the UK starts a process that will lead to its divorce from European Union membership)?