2 Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt and Speak Up With More Confidence – Podcast 85

Overcome Self Doubt and Speak Up With ConfidenceHas self-doubt ever caused you to ‘not’ speak up at a meeting or event, even where you knew in your heart and soul that your voice should have been heard?

If you said yes, you’re not alone.

Over the years, I’m worked with thousands of seriously smart business leaders and professionals who regularly backed away from situations where they wanted to say something and didn’t.

How come? Why on earth not?


Leap Past Fears of Public Speaking: 7 Anxiety Busting Insights – Podcast 84

Overcome Public Speaking FearsIt’s a fact. Three out of four adults, perhaps including you, admit to having fears about public speaking.

And the upshot? Far too many people regularly avoid opportunities to speak up…

…Which, in turn, creates lose-lose outcomes – both for those who bypass chances to share valuable ideas or insights and audiences who would have benefited, if only they had heard these things.

What a waste, right? And this begs 2 obvious questions:

‘What’s going on?’ and, if this applies to you, “what can a body do about it?”


7 Simple Insights From the World of Fitness Training for Speakers – Podcast 14


Kiwifit.ieDo you feel fighting fit when it comes to your speaking skills or are you more on the ‘ring shy’ side of things if asked to step up a podium?

For years I associated the phrase “no pain no gain” with exercise videos made by Jane Fonda – an advocate of the ‘feel the burn’ school of exercise – in the 80s.

Silly me. It turns out that this catch phrase wasn’t original. The US patriot and founding father (and inspirational speaker) Benjamin Franklin coined these words back in 1758 in his essay ‘The Way to Wealth’.

Who knew?

But here’s the thing, just as those who promote fitness may learn a thing or two about how to inspire more of us to turn up at gyms by paying attention to great communicators – who use the power of their words, stories and imagery to motivate people towards action…

Those who’d like to feel more confident about their ability to inspire others with their words can learn from fitness gurus too.


Does a Fear of Speaking Hold You Back?

Be fearlessIt’s irritating. Fear wins far too often.

“I’ve got the perfect strategy for dealing with the panic attacks I get when anyone asks me to make a speech”, she said, laughing. “I run away. Avoidance is my answer every time.”

These were words from a fellow delegate, who I’ll call Mary in the interests of discretion, at a recent event about content marketing.

Mary wasn’t being funny and she certainly isn’t unique. In fact, she just follows a path taken by so many of the 75% of adults who admit that speaking in front of others is a major source of anxiety.