2 Tips Every Speaker Should Take From Prince Harry and Meghan’s Mega Royal Wedding

2 tips for speakers from a royal wedding

Inspiration for public speaking tips I share can sometimes come from peculiar places! Here’s a for instance:

You’d have had to be living under a rock not to know about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s fairy-tale wedding last weekend. And while I wasn’t one of the reported one billion folks who tuned in to watch the pageantry, pomp and glamour of their big day, my missus Mindy saw the whole thing and loved it.

So what did you think were the best things from the day? I asked her (hours after the fact).

Oh, that’s easy. Said Mindy

Meghan’s frock was fabulous — so simple and elegant.

And, even though it should have been shorter, I loved Bishop Michael Curry of Chicago’s homily — it was refreshingly human 

Judging by the highlights I saw later in the day, that was a perfect summary of the event and I was especially struck by two of the phrases Mindy used: ‘simple and elegant’ and ‘refreshingly human’…

…Hmm. Now those are things you should want said of any talk you give. Here’s why:


Why Finding a Great Place to Write Can Lead to More Inspiring Speeches

where to write your speechesHow do you get your head into the right place to pen inspiring speeches or presentations?

I found myself thinking about this question last weekend while on a romantic weekend away with my missus in the gorgeous county of Kerry and taking in the breathtaking coastal views on the road from Sneem to Waterville.

Now I know what you’re thinking:


Why You Never Want Audiences to Admire Your Speaking Performances

Seek connection ahead of performance when speakingWhat makes you gravitate towards, enjoy and place greater value in one speaker ahead of another?

At one of the many late night networking discussions held at a bar (well, it would rude not to) during the recent annual American professional speakers’ marque conference – NSA Influence – in Florida, I was especially struck by a fascinating conversation with a collection of my fellow pro speakers from around the globe (from Ireland, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, the United States, and more).

The topic was this: Which of the event speakers who had spoken by then did we rate most highly and why?

And despite differences you might expect for cultural, topic preference or other reasons, pretty much everyone went for the same top speakers and gave remarkably similar reasons for their choices.


What You Should Learn From Awesome Speakers (And Why Imitation is Folly)

Learn from JFK Public SpeakingIf you want to hone your speaking skills, should you check out the best practices of awesome speakers and make it your business to learn from these folks so you can emulate or even imitate what they do?

After all, why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to and weren’t Mark Twain and George Bernard Shaw right when they said:

  • “There’s no such thing as a new idea. That’s impossible.” and
  • “Imitation isn’t just the sincerest form of flattery – it’s the sincerest form of learning”.