Open Your Ears to Find Funny Material For Your Speeches

Ask any successful comedian; being funny takes a lot of work and is actually quite a serious business.

Typically, there are many rounds of writing, re-writing and testing required to create an awesome stand-up set. And it can take time.

But, here’s a truism. Things can go a deal faster if you start with good material.


How to Win Investments From Angel Investors – 5 Insights Every Entrepreneur Should Know

What an Angel Investor Really Wants to Know

According to a Harvard/MIT report cited by the Kaufman Foundation: ‘If you can win investments from angel investors, the chances of your business being a success are significantly higher’.

Of course, this stands to reason as angel investors commonly offer high potential entrepreneurs far more than mere financial support…

…They can also bring ideas, expertise, contacts, introductions, access to resources and collaborations, and more, to a business. And when you put all of these things together, they can lead to serious, accelerated business growth prospects.

Really valuable, right?

And it begs the question, what can you do to increase the chances that you can be among the small percentage of entrepreneurs they choose to back?


Go Local to Pave Your Way to a Home Run Speech

Today’s post is about why finding ways to ‘go local’ in your presentations or talks can help you to achieve as much (and oftentimes more) connection and impact as you can via seemingly more sophisticated content – paving your way to a home run speech.


Leap Past Fears of Public Speaking: 7 Anxiety Busting Insights – Podcast 84

Overcome Public Speaking FearsIt’s a fact. Three out of four adults, perhaps including you, admit to having fears about public speaking.

And the upshot? Far too many people regularly avoid opportunities to speak up…

…Which, in turn, creates lose-lose outcomes – both for those who bypass chances to share valuable ideas or insights and audiences who would have benefited, if only they had heard these things.

What a waste, right? And this begs 2 obvious questions:

‘What’s going on?’ and, if this applies to you, “what can a body do about it?”