Video Marketing Tips: How to Achieve a More Personal Connection on Camera – Podcast 87

Speaking to camera tips Via Ian BrodieWhat does it take to speak to camera in a natural, warm and inviting way – paving the way to more interesting and engaging video marketing content?

I’m going to let you into a secret. Chances are, even if you’re an experienced public speaker (and I include myself and other pro speakers in this comment), few people ace their first few videos.


Look Past Borders for Greater Expert Speaking Success – Podcast 83

Get Booked to Speak InternationallyIf you’re an expert speaker who’d like to speak more often, here’s why it pays to both ‘connect with’ and ‘learn from’ local expert speaker peers and to use this platform to look beyond your borders to ignite your expert speaking success to even higher levels.

And here’s how these communities can set you on the path to being perceived as a world class, ‘go-to source’ speaker for your chosen expertise:


7 Tips to Help You Add More Clarity to Every Presentation You Give – Podcast 78

Boost Clarity in Your Public SpeakingNigh on every leader will tell you that achieving clarity is ‘mission critical’ when giving presentations to those they wish to influence.

Of course. After all, if you’re succinct, precise and unambiguous, you’ll make it easier for your audiences to get and remember your ideas.

Great. That sounds like a good plan and should be simple enough to achieve, right?

Of course, the answer should be yes.


How to Become a Renowned Keynote Speaker: Patricia Fripp Speaks – Podcast 29

Eamonn O'Brien Interviews Patricia Fripp

What does it take to write a keynote speech and to become a keynote speaker?

If you’ve ever wondered how to become a keynote speaker and to grow your visibility and popularity as an expert speaker, while avoiding pitfalls that could impede your progress…

…You’re in luck.

In today’s expert interview, Hall of Fame keynote speaker, former President of the National Speakers Association, and executive communications coach Patricia Fripp graciously chatted with me at a recent night out with the Professional Speaking Association of Ireland about what it takes to become a truly stellar speaker.