Why Finding a Great Place to Write Can Lead to More Inspiring Speeches

where to write your speechesHow do you get your head into the right place to pen inspiring speeches or presentations?

I found myself thinking about this question last weekend while on a romantic weekend away with my missus in the gorgeous county of Kerry and taking in the breathtaking coastal views on the road from Sneem to Waterville.

Now I know what you’re thinking:


Hurrah! Why Being an Entertaining Speaker Doesn’t Have to be Hard Work

Do you have to be funny as a speakerRiddle me this: Do you think you need to be funny or entertaining to be a better or more popular speaker?

The hackneyed, ‘ba-dum-ch’ refrain to this question at professional speaker conferences around the world is always a resounding:

“Only if you want to get paid!”

And there’s myriad anecdotal evidence that these words ring true. Speakers who combine being entertaining with an ability to deliver demonstrably valuable and actionable ideas are in short supply and regularly get paid more for their services.

Of course, that’s hardly surprising. They make event organisers look good by pleasing both event attendees and the clients who pay to run events. In short, they make everyone feel like a winner.

Groovy. But, there’s an elephant in the room. What happens if you’d like to be a more in-demand speaker but you’re not very funny (and I’ll let you into a secret, most people fall into this category)? Does that mean that you’re out of luck and destined to play second fiddle to those who can amuse?


Why You Need to Start Your Stories With a Bang

Start your stories with a bangWhat’s the one thing bestselling writers like Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie, Mark Twain, JRR Tolkien, George Orwell, John Grisham, Stephen King, Lee Child, etc. have in common that greatly increased the odds their books might be hits?

And while true (since they’re the 2 biggest determinents of books people choose in book stores), you’re not allowed to say: a) They picked great book titles, and/or b) they did an awesome job with their book covers! Treat those as givens.

Of course, the clue is in today’s post title: They started their stories with a bang. They found ways to hook their audience from their first lines, paragraphs and pages and built their page turning fares from there.

And what did they not do?


On Awesome Storytelling (Nearly) Unnoticed

Stories nearly untold - Fernando PessoaOnce upon a time…

Fernando Pessoa was born in Lisbon in 1988, moved to Durban at the age of 7 when his stepfather was made Portuguese consul, and moved back home in 1905 – where he wrote poems he thought weren’t up to much, contributed to a few literary reviews and mostly lived on the meager salary of a commercial translator.

And while he was known by a small number in Lisbon’s writing community and released one book of poems in 1934, few people bought a copy or even knew he existed. He died at just 47 years of age of cirrhosis of the liver.

…The end!

Perhaps you’re thinking: What a rubbish story Eamonn. I know it’s a bit sad but, seriously, why exactly are you telling me about a man who went unnoticed in life?

Well, that should have been the last anyone heard of Fernando, but it wasn’t!

Too Many Believe Their Stories Aren’t Good Enough or Interesting