Why Leadership and Customer Communication Skills Need to Take Centre Stage as AI Adoption Heats up

AI will demand superion leadership communication skillsAre you ready for how AI or Artificial Intelligence will tranform workplaces in most every industry and demand a widespread upgrading of leadership communication skills?

Here’s what’s happening folks. After decades of fits, starts and false dawns about what robotics or machines could do…


Craft Investment Pitches That Wow The Creme de la Creme of Venture Capital Investors

Jim Goetz Tips on Investment PitchesMost investment pitches fail. And that’s because investors, particularly of the venture capitalist variety, tend to be super selective about the very few folks they will ultimately back. It’s a case of many are called but the vast, vast majority of them will be shown the exit door!

While thinking about a good analogy or metaphor for today’s post, here’s what came to my mind:

Most entrepreneurs who pitch to sophisticated investors finish up a bit like the contestants in one of the Hunger Games movies—it’s quickly evident that they’re ‘not long for this world!’


Video Marketing Tips: How to Achieve a More Personal Connection on Camera – Podcast 87

Speaking to camera tips Via Ian BrodieWhat does it take to speak to camera in a natural, warm and inviting way – paving the way to more interesting and engaging video marketing content?

I’m going to let you into a secret. Chances are, even if you’re an experienced public speaker (and I include myself and other pro speakers in this comment), few people ace their first few videos.


On Public Speaking Anxiety and Ridiculous Advice You Should Ignore

Public speaking fear cure mythsFact. With few exceptions, most speakers (including professional orators) experience some level of public speaking anxiety every time they face an audience. But, not all advice on tackling these fears is well founded. Far from it.

So, I had an interesting chat with a senior executive in a multinational I’ll name Bill (not his real name) during a recent public speaking skills masterclass. And truth be told, this is a more common conversation than you might imagine.

As we were beginning to discuss how easily he could use small changes to his body language to boost his audience connection, Bill made an admission: