What Steve Jobs taught us about public speaking and inspiration

What Made Steve Jobs a Great Speaker?After almost 30 years of inspiring others, ill health forced Steve Jobs to step down from his role as CEO of Apple. And his extraordinary ability to captivate audiences with his visions will be sorely missed.

But why was he so lauded as a public speaker – so much so that his annual product launches were referred to as ‘Steve-note’ instead of Keynote addresses? And what can you learn from his approach to connecting with others?

In addition to paying meticulous attention to detail when preparing and practicing a speech, consider adopting some of his favourite techniques:


Sarkozy & Merkel fail credibility tests – lessons for public speakers


What a mess! Global stock indices have been hammered and the Euro crisis has been exacerbated in recent days on the back of a double whammy – fears about US debt default combined with an ill judged joint statement by President Sarkozy and Chancellor Merkel.

Looking at the latter, what happened and what’s all this got to do with effective public speaking?

Sometimes it’s better if a speaker says nothing!

Regardless of their intentions, Sarkozy and Merkel failed critical tests for their speech last Tuesday – international stock market audiences didn’t buy their arguments nor their motives.


Irish electorate not inspired by remaining candidates for the Aras

According to a Newstalk survey conducted days after he withdrew from the race to the Aras, Irish voters would have voted overwhelmingly for Senator Norris! In fact, some 53% of those polled would have preferred the popular Joycean scholar – compared with less than one in five who would vote for Michael D! And as for t’others;Gay, Sean and Mary? Each of these is languishing in the polls with only 5% to 7% support.

Yes, it’s a case of ‘if pots and pans’ and where has all the inspiration gone?

This begs an interesting question – why are the remaining candidates for the Presidency of Ireland, our head of state, failing to connect with the electorate?


3 Reasons Why Public Speaking Can Win You More Business

In an era of social media revolutions and information overload, it has become increasingly difficult to get attention from those you want to do business with.

How can you break through the clutter and make your business stand out from others?

If you aren’t using public speaking as a means of gaining visibility for your business, your ideas or indeed yourself – you’re probably missing out.

Here are 3 reasons why seeking opportunities to speak in public can help you to win more business: