Public Seminars

Speaking Made Easy in Just 4 Sessions

Public Seminars

Every one of us has the ability to persuade, connect, convince, and compel through the art of speech. If you are married, you’ve already convinced your spouse to make a lifelong commitment to you. If you’ve got a job, you already convinced someone to give you a place to work and a steady pay check.

In this fun and lively seminar, you can take your speaking skills to the next level of clarity, persuasion, and confidence. And you can banish forever your fear of speaking in front of a group, whether colleagues or strangers. This seminar helps you build your presentation skills in a nurturing environment and learn communication techniques you can apply immediately to your very next talk. You’ll experience results that lead to understanding, persuasion, and even applause.

This course includes:

  • Openings that grab the listener’s attention.
  • Essential building blocks for persuasive communication.
  • How to tame stage fright.
  • The importance of managing time at the podium.
  • How to use body language and what to avoid.
  • Keeping your audience engaged and entertained.
  • When and how to use humour in speeches.
  • How to make technical information clear and even interesting.
  • Making the most out of visual aids and props.
  • Rhetorical secrets.
  • Powerful techniques for closing any presentation.
  • Answering tough questions.
  • Coping with a difficult audience member.

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