Who we work with

While Reluctant Speakers Club members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, they all have one thing in common: the desire to become a more confident, polished, effective public speaker. And public speaking is the skill we help our members master. These members include:


Whether you’re a partner in a firm or a solo practitioner, in today’s economy you need to market your services to stay busy and profitable.

Speaking is the ideal self-promotion for those selling professional services. Accountants, lawyers, architects, consultants, and many other professionals use public speaking as a way to build their visibility, attract new clients, and establish their reputation as an expert in their field.

At the Reluctant Speakers Club, we teach professionals to get over their fear of public speaking. You become more comfortable at the podium, and you become a more confident, polished presenter. The result is the ability to give talks that enhance your professional status, generate inquiries, and produce new business.

Middle Managers and Senior Executives

The ability to deliver clear, cogent presentations is a key business skill required for success as a manager or executive. Research shows that 90% of Irish people believe being able to speak well in public plays an important role in career progression.

Some of our executive members are learning to speak in public for the first time. Others — especially those moving to new positions in which they will be expected to speak more regularly — are looking to take their presentation skills to the next level

The Reluctant Speakers Club trains executives to communicate effectively in complex situations – including politically charged organizational issues, crisis management, change management, addressing culturally diverse audiences, managing peers, and managing teams with members from different parts of the organization.


Our entrepreneurial members are mostly in high-tech start-ups or people who are reinventing themselves by providing new services. The former may have some experience in public speaking but feel they underwhelm audiences. The latter are more likely to need a confidence overhaul.

In either case, these entrepreneurs need help pitching ideas – whether it’s to raise money for a new business or to promote their products to prospective customers. We help entrepreneurs develop essential public speaking skills, simplify complex ideas, and boost their credibility when speaking.

Other Adults

Not all our trainees are business people. The Reluctant Speakers Club helps adults who want to improve their public speaking skills for personal reasons. For example, they may want to be more confident when speaking in social situations like club meetings or parties, or on special occasions such as wedding and funerals.