The podcast

Use storytelling to transform your company culture, purpose and results – Podcast 8

ditch detail and Influence with story

Why leaders need to shun data and embrace stories – Podcast 7

Craft extraordinary stories

The art of turning an ordinary story into a memorable crowd-pleaser – Podcast 7

Stimulate brains with story

Once upon a brain: Science based business storytelling secrets revealed – Podcast 6

Winning stories and cross cultural communication

Why successful leaders use stories to ace cross cultural communication – Podcast 5

Why Smart Leaders Embrace the Power of True Stories – Podcast 4

Changes the story you tell yourself to transform your results

How to Change The Stories You Tell Yourself and Achieve Any Future You Desire – Podcast 3

Use Stories to Build Authentic Connection With Any Audience – Podcast 2

How to Extend the Power of Your Stories on Social Media – Podcast 1

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