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Win more audience attention with stories

Win more audience attention with storiesLet’s say you’d like to give a story-centric speech, because you know stories are far and away the most powerful means for a speaker to connect with audiences at an emotional level (true that!) — But you’re only expected to speak for just a few moments and don’t believe you’ll have time to squeeze in a story or to do it justice.

What should you do?

And as you think about this, bear in mind the legendary screenwriter Robert McKee’s opinion:

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.” 

Amen. He’s right.

And while there are many other ways to help an audience to see, experience and get excited by your ideas, the truth is: none of these other options is as powerful as a well-told story when it comes to sharing a core message you need to land and to be remembered.

Nuts, right?

Well, not quite. I bear good news. You don’t have to compromise (much).

There’s a hybrid option you could consider and that’s exactly what I speak about in today’s video.

An Awesome Alternative to Stories Every Speaker Should Know About

Lean in to learn more…


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