irish whiskey story power

How powerful stories are rekindling huge worldwide demand for Irish whiskey – Podcast 12

irish whiskey story power

Discover how the power of story is used to market Irish whiskeys around the globe – winning hearts, minds and shelf space in every continent – from one of the most lauded experts on whiskey worldwide.

In this podcast, it was my pleasure to welcome a founder of myriad exploration firms around the world, a beloved lecturer on all things business in Ireland for over a generation, and a man who has been at the vanguard of a worldwide resurgence of interest in Irish whiskey, John Teeling of Teeling Whiskey fame…

…And you won’t want to miss a word of his fascinating and entertaining insights into why stories are pivotal to creating demand for all whiskeys – new and old.

How better storytelling can turbo-charge your sales results

Lean in to hear us discuss

  • How a Harvard professor’s love of Irish whiskey led to John Teeling becoming a distiller
  • The real stories behind why Ireland fell from a 60%+ market share of world-wide whiskey sales in the mid 19th century to barely 2% by the early 1900s
  • What Queen Elizabeth I said of Irish whiskey in 1601 that’s still true today
  • The rise of blended Scottish whisky as the Irish clung to making ‘real’ whiskey in pot stills
  • How stories are powering a resurgence in Irish whiskey sales worldwide
  • What modern, younger whiskey consumers want and why it matters
  • Stories that may be needed to tap into a rising demand for whiskey in Asia
  • Lesson from the stories fuelling UFC star Conor McGregor’s whiskey successes
  • New stories for new whiskeys, including the pirate queen Grace O’Malley
  • Why traditional stories associated with Scottish whisky don’t cut it anymore
  • What marketers can learn from the amazing rags to riches stories behind Sidney Frank’s Jägermeister and Grey Goose brands
  • Marketing 100 (not 101) advice you should heed to make better sales stories possible
  • And more

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