How stories shape the future

How the stories you tell yourself today influence your tomorrows – Podcast 13

How stories shape the future

Learn how the stories you choose to share and/or believe about ‘how things could be’ shape the decisions you make and those made by others – including customers, executive teams, employees, peers and more –  you may want to influence.

In today’s podcast, I’m delighted to introduce you to international business growth consultant, author, speaker and executive coach Paul Davis who shares many thought-provoking ideas about the role stories you choose to hear and share play in inspiring you and others to make better and more fulfilling decisions.

What leaders should know about stories that motivate decisions

Lean in to hear us discuss:

  • Why you don’t need to start with your ‘why’ to make/promote better, future decisions
  • What really drives decisions when you’re considering ‘how things could be’ scenarios
  • Why the types of wake-up call stories you encounter and share matter so much in life and the extent to which they may inspire change
  • The characteristics of stories that win attention and influence versus get ignored
  • How feedback from your body can force to rethink and change your current way of doing things
  • The role love should play in centring your thinking, actions and interactions with others
  • Where leaders go wrong when sharing stories to inspire and influence others
  • What you need to know to craft better stories that motivate and ignite new actions
  • How to uncover, understand and live your real core values to achieve better stories
  • Where fulfillment really comes from and why it pays to embrace information gaps
  • And more

Need help to craft stories that inspire action?

If you’d like help to master the art of high impact corporate storytelling, contact me at – I’ll be delighted to hear from you.


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