Stimulate brains with story

Once upon a brain: Science based business storytelling secrets revealed – Podcast 6

Stimulate brains with story

If you’ve ever wondered how your brain reacts when listening to stories and how you, as a leader or expert, could use this knowledge to inspire audiences at a new level, you’ll love today’s podcast interview.

And that’s because I had the chance to chat with business psychologist, neuroscientist, author, speaker and my pal Dr Lynda Shaw about what really happens when audience experience stories and what you should know about how this affects audience attention, engagement and memories.

8 Science backed reasons why well told business stories rock

Lean in as we discuss:

  • The amazing things that happen in a brain when hearing stories that connect at a emotional level
  • How audiences physically and mentally experience stories they find interesting
  • The science behind why stories are many, many times more memorable than facts or details
  • Why audiences react differently to real versus made up stories (even those that entertain)
  • What you can learn from how Walt Disney created winning movie scripts
  • How we relate to the situations we encounter in stories
  • Why it’s vital to slow things down to magnify audience connection when sharing stories
  • Why not taking yourself too seriously sets you and your audience up for a better experience
  • And more

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