Eamonn O’Brien offers personalised executive communication training programs for senior leadership groups and sales teams.

These masterclass style programs are customised to your needs, your products, your company, your markets, and the presentations your team members need to give. You’ll learn how to deliver first-class presentations about the topics that are most important to you and your audience – without the stress and anxiety speaking often entails.

Popular topics commonly addressed in these programs include:
  • Detailed evaluations of agreed case study talk examples.
  • How to structure what you say to inspire target audiences.
  • How to add impact to your talks through content.
  • How to capture and hold an audience’s attention.
  • How to reduce fears of speaking in public.
  • Your value propositions and WIIFM.
  • How to captivate audiences through exceptional storytelling.
  • Why your body language matters and what you need to know.
  • What you should learn from public speaking greats.
  • Secrets to great question and answer sessions.

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"He is one of the absolute best public speakers I have ever heard, a skilled storyteller and has a lovely manner about him that makes you want to hear more and read more"

Katja Schleicher
CEO of Impact! Communication Coaching  (Voorburg, Netherlands)

"Eamonn O‘Brian did two amazing workshops at the German Speakers Association Conference and the European Speakers Conference in Berlin. He is an outstanding Keynote Speaker and highly recommended."

Dr Frank Hagenow
Keynote Speaker on Leadership Without Mind Games and CSP

"Thank you so very much, Eamonn, for unlocking the key to storytelling. My stories - and speaking - will never be the same! Practice, practice, practice!"

Babette Ten Haken
President One Millimeter Mindset and Blogger

"I highly recommend Eamonn O'Brien as a speaker and workshop facilitator. My professional colleagues and I were so impressed by his presentation at the National Speakers Association annual conference in Dallas, TX! Eamonn is a master storyteller and knows how to best engage and inspire an audience."

Dennis Buttimer
Mindful Performance Expert, Executive Coach, Author and TEDx Speaker
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