3 stories to lead change

On stories leaders should share to inspire easier, long-lasting and successful change – Podcast 16

3 stories to lead change

Discover the 3 most important types of stories that matter when you want to inspire change…And how stories can help you to conquer the biggest reasons most change management projects fail.

Lean in as I chat with German business psychologist and world authority on how to lead others without mind games Dr. Frank Hagenow about how ‘story’ versus ‘instruction’ led communication is far more likely to result in easier, more enthusiastically embraced, successful and long-lasting changes in most any organisation.

3 Stories that pave the way to effective change management projects (and more)

Hear us discuss:

  • The top psychologic reasons why most change management projects fail
  • Why leaders who use ‘now you can’ stories do better than those relying on well-intentioned announcements
  • Change management lessons from the gym (and why general aspirations rarely succeed)
  • Stories employees listen to and why it pays to choose the right hero in a story
  • A dangerous illusion that often derails progress in change management projects and what to do about it
  • Why you need to share affirmation stories that are high on emotional appeal
  • And more

Like to boost your authentic storytelling and leadership impact?

Here’s your chance to discover how to boost your authentic influence by combining powerful storytelling and human psychology strategies without mind-games or tricks.

I’m delighted to announce that Dr. Frank Hagenow and I are joining forces to deliver insights into ‘How to unlock the human connection code and make lasting, inspiring and trusted impressions on others’

To find out how our new executive breakfast, lunch and learn or evening masterclasses and deep-dive executive retreats could help you or your organisation to ace change management initiatives, please contact me at eobrien@thersc.ie or Frank at office@frank-hagenow.com to learn more.


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