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Craft extraordinary stories

If you’d like some instant insights into what it takes to craft more interesting stories that get remembered, you’ll love today’s podcast.

And that’s because I had the chance to chat with speaker, podcaster, corporate trainer in leadership and storytelling techniques, and author of ‘Lead with a story’ and ‘Sell with a story’, Paul Smith about the art of crafting compelling and memorable business stories – the kind of stories that cause audiences to think differently.

The art of crafting interesting stories – 5 Lessons for leaders

Lean in as we discuss:

  • How to find stories that wow from ordinary, everyday events
  • 4 core ingredients that help to make sales story more compelling
  • An all too common storytelling error that can rob you of impact
  • 3 Things Hollywood can teach you about emotional connection
  • Why audiences love surprises and it pays to pick your moments

Bring your business storytelling skills to a new level

If you’d like help to master the art of high impact corporate storytelling, contact me at – I’ll be delighted to hear from you.