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Less than 1 in 4 Business people claim to have any confidence in public speaking. That’s the reason for this NEW book and The Reluctant Speakers Club!

In this step by step guide, ‘How to Make Powerful Speeches’, you will transform your speech making abilities – helping you to win more business and make memorable speeches and presentations.

In this new book, Founder of The Reluctant Speakers Club, Public Speaking Coach and author, Eamonn O’Brien helps you banish your fear of the podium forever.

In How to Make Powerful Speeches, you will discover

  • What it takes to create a truly compelling speech
  • How to discover and develop key messages
  • How to analyse audiences for greater impact
  • Why you should let your personality shine through in your speeches
  • Communicating with eye contact, hand gestures, and other body language
  • Delivering content your audience truly cares about
  • When and how to use humour in speeches
  • Essential rules for creating winning visual aids
  • Backing up and demonstrating arguments
  • Dealing with other points of view
  • How to conquer fears of speaking with confidence

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