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Here’s a fascinating case study example of story power in action – where stories have been used to inspire a better culture, results and mentality in the workplace.

In today’s podcast I’m delighted to chat with speaker, author of Joy Inc, and Chief storyteller, CEO and tour guide at Menlo Innovations Inc, Rich Sheridan about how he uses stories to capture how their custom software and ways of doing things impact their customers, people using their systems and their staff. And I’m sure you’ll be as riveted as I was to learn about the profound effects he has achieved by creating a story-centric culture – both on those who share stories and those who hear them.

How a storytelling culture can inspire joy and action

Lean in as we discuss:

  • Why it’s a great idea to listen to customer and team member stories  
  • What IBM learned from Menlo Innovations company tour ‘Edison stories’ (and you can too)
  • The human impact of sharing powerful stories for both the story teller and story listeners
  • How to connect your stories with the culture you want (what you do and how you do things)
  • A fascinating story about how a small change in scenery led to greater joy at work
  • The kinds of stories worth curating and telling over and over again
  • 2 questions that help you find your purpose before you choose stories to reflect the culture you desire
  • How to keep momentum going once you’ve set up a more story-centric business culture
  • Why you really don’t need to be perfect when sharing your stores
  • Why it pays to create many lucid story curators in your organisation
  • And more

Over to you

How have you used storytelling to cultivate stronger relationships with your clients and/or nurture better teamwork in your workplace?

Do tell. I always enjoy hearing from you.