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ditch detail and Influence with story

If you’d love instant insights into how you can use stories to inspire and influence others AND why it pays to ‘storify’ any data you need to share – so your audiences will find what you have to say to be way more engaging, captivating, and memorable – you’ve come to the right place

And that’s because my guest for today’s podcast is story coach, trainer, author, speaker and founder of Just Story It, Dr. Karen Dietz and you’re about to get a plethora of idea about how to find and share stories that’ll cause those you lead to feel more valued, inspired and inspiring.

How to trounce data dump presentations with riveting stories

Lean in as we discuss:

  • Why embracing story power will instantly boost your ability to influence any audience
  • 3 Reasons why leaders who ignore stories do so at their peril
  • How making small changes to questions you ask can lead you to much more powerful stories
  • Why taking a little more time to lead with stories results in better decisions, time and again
  • Why it’s a mistake to rely on data ahead of stories when you need to influence others
  • Shocking truths about how few leaders are truly inspirational and where they go wrong
  • The transformative effects of creating a ‘story listening and swapping’ culture
  • And more

Over to you

What’s the best example you’ve every come across of a speaker who managed to make complex data or information seem truly fascinating through the use of story?