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lead with humor

Leaders – discover 6 awesome and easy strategies that will help you to find and share more ‘funny’ in the stories you choose to share with people you want to influence (without resorting to joke-telling, which is always a bad plan)!

Welcome to my recent chat with globally celebrated motivational humourist, Hall of Fame speaker, and pal Tim Gard about the art of finding humour that can boost your leadership impact – helping you defuse difficult or stressful situations, create more powerful teaching or learning moments, and earn more trust.

How to lead with more laughter, without trying to be a comedian

Lean in as we discuss:

  • Why leaders should embrace more humour (of the non-joke telling variety) at work
  • Why choosing to find the funny in your mistakes or failings can be so inspiring (even if, like Hilary Clinton, you don’t think you have a single funny bone in your body)
  • What Tim learned from a ‘no show’ turkey for a TV show…And you can too
  • Secrets to getting past fears of messing up and honing ‘think on your feet’ humour
  • How a missed step in North Dakota created hilarity and a story no one will forget
  • A simple idea that’ll help you find more funny material than you can shake a stick at!
  • And more