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Winning stories and cross cultural communication

Fact. It pays to lead with stories to both connect with and to inspire people across cultures.

And to tell us why this is true (and so much more), I’m delighted to introduce you to Netherlands based communication coach, speaker, moderator, storytelling fan and cross cultural communication specialist Katja Schleicher about what it takes for leaders to achieve greater cultural resonance with their staff and customers AND why stories must be given a pivotal role to inspire one and all.

How to find and adapt winning stories for different international audiences

      • How being a stranger teaches you about group inclusion or exclusion (and communication gaps)
      • Why stories (even if they make you feel vulnerable) boost your cross cultural connection and resonance
      • The importance of understanding cultural triggers and the subconscious – learning from geographic, age and gender differences
      • Real world examples of how to adapt your stories for greater effect in different cultures
      • On story selection and why leaders need to decide if they want to ‘make it, bend it or break it’
      • Cross cultural communication sins to avoid (includes key questions to help you steer clear of pitfalls)
      • Why leaders should appreciate the clusters in which they operate but be slow to adapt accordingly
      • And more


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Become a high impact storyteller for cross cultural audiences

If you’d like to learn more about how to source, craft and tell a better story for cross cultural audiences, contact me at I’ll be delighted to help you.