Eamonn O’Brien is one of Europe’s leading authorities on strategic business storytelling and is the Founder of The Reluctant Speakers Club – where he has helped thousands of business leaders to speak with unprecedented clarity, persuasion and confidence.

He’s also the author of ‘How to make Powerful Speeches (which is now required reading in many US law schools)’, a Co-Founder of #GoDoVideo, a recent President of Professional Speaking Association Ireland, an award winning blogger and podcaster on ‘how to speak memorably’ and a regular guest lecturer at Trinity Business School in Dublin.

In addition, Mr. O’Brien is a frequent speaker at international marketing events in North America, the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and elsewhere. And he has produced more than 300 commercials in 12 different languages including Russian, Polish, Arabic, French, Hindi, German, and Greek.

And as an experienced, globe-trotting professional speaker, Eamonn is passionate in his belief that that everyone can learn to conquer fear with confidence and to speak memorably…and can do so in ways that are fun!

Eamonn holds an MBA from Manchester Business School and a BSc (Management) from Trinity College Dublin. And prior to forming The Reluctant Speaker’s Club, Mr. O’Brien held senior management positions with several corporations. These included the Prudential and MCI, where he was part of a team that helped the telecom giant double their international calling business.

Mr. O’Brien was also Vice President of Sales for Nowtel, a telecom company that went from £15 million in sales in 2005 to £100 million in 2010. And, as a marketing consultant, Eamonn has worked with more than 50 clients including AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Capital One, Citibank, Harvard Business Review, and the Smithsonian.

Eamonn O'Brien - Leading Business Storytelling Coach and Keynote Speaker
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