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If you are reading this you found one of our websites somehow.  We try to get you to read our web content by creating copy that is useful for you.

Our services are largely for business leaders, experts, entrepreneurs and professionals and we do what any business owner tries to do.  We like to figure out what works and what doesn’t and keep improving what we do.

We monitor the volume of visitors to our websites, how you found us, where you came from and which pages you view when visiting our sites.   At this stage we do not know who you are, just that some people arrive from here and go there.   We do not harvest or collect email addresses from website visitors. If you don’t contact us and give us your email, we don’t have your details.

We use cookies to enable us to use things like google analytics.  You can disable cookies in your browser if you don’t want us to collect them.   If you arrive at our website through a referral from an affiliate, they will use cookies so we can join up the dots and send them a cup of coffee (or equivalent cash) if you decide to buy something from us.

Sometimes we use Facebook pixels to figure out what type of person visits our sites and who likes us so we can create advertising that appeals to our customers and potential customers.

None of this results in us contacting you or monitoring you in any personal or individual way – we just like to know who our typical customer is and what they like.

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