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The power of listening to stories

The awesome effects of listening to other people’s stories

How to deal with difficult audience members

3 Strategies to handle difficult audience members when you speak

Create relationships that take off

Lessons from wheels falling off and teeth falling out!

win audience attention

Why great speakers need awesome listening skills

Business storytelling lessons and Francis Ford Coppola

2 Storytelling lessons every leader can learn from the legendary movie director Francis Ford Coppola

3 Critically important things to get right every time you give a virtual presentation

give amazing virtual presentations

3 Ways to knock every online presentation out of the park

overcome fear

Why honesty is always the best policy for leaders during a crisis

make every speech emotional

Grab audience attention through emotion to win and keep attention

Speak without fear

2 Secrets to calming your nerves before giving a speech

increase your speaking impact before you say a word

A secret to boosting your speaking impact before you say your first word

How to fix a speech that goes wrong

How to rescue your speech if things go horribly wrong

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