Craft Investment Pitches That Wow The Creme de la Creme of Venture Capital Investors

Jim Goetz Tips on Investment PitchesMost investment pitches fail. And that’s because investors, particularly of the venture capitalist variety, tend to be super selective about the very few folks they will ultimately back. It’s a case of many are called but the vast, vast majority of them will be shown the exit door!

While thinking about a good analogy or metaphor for today’s post, here’s what came to my mind:

Most entrepreneurs who pitch to sophisticated investors finish up a bit like the contestants in one of the Hunger Games movies—it’s quickly evident that they’re ‘not long for this world!’

Sure, like in the movie, they may hear encouraging ‘why not give it a go’ words like: “May the odds ever be in your favour”…

…However, truth is, your odds or success in front of VCs are mighty slim (according to the US Small Business Administration, just 1 in 400 startups who pitch VCs get their backing).

But, what of the few who do win? What do they do that’s different or special?

And, more importantly, and while realising that there are no hard and fast rules in these things…

…What can you learn from common ‘smart’ tacks used by these folks that could boost the chances you’ll get a thumbs up from VCs versus a ‘thanks for coming to see us, but no thanks’ refrain?

Essential Lessons From Top VC Investors On How to Craft Winning Investment Pitches

For answers to this question, I went straight to the horse’s mouth (as it were) to hear what moves the dial for some of the top venture capital investors in the world.

Check out my video to hear advice given by:

Need Help to Craft a Better Investment Pitch?

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