How to Deliver Awesome Virtual Talks

Need your team members to have greater connection, presence and impact when speaking at virtual events or meetings? Here’s your chance to help leaders within your company to deliver more engaging and inspiring messages to any online audience they wish to influence

Popular topics commonly addressed in thisprogram include:
  • 3 Critical things to get right every time you give a virtual presentation
  • How to create engaging messages and conversations that command attention from remote online meeting attendees
  • How to conquer your speaking nerves when speaking to camera
  • Simple strategies that will help you to add more energy and warmth to your voice while still sounding like the ‘real, natural you’ online
  • How to always remember what you want to say without relying on scripts
  • The art of using stories to delight, captivate and transform virtual audience experiences (and to enhance your speaking experiences too)
  • How to achieve interaction with audiences you can’t see and inspire action

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"Eamonn’s Video Challenge program should be mandatory for anyone who is looking to create video content and to better market their business online. The most helpful aspects of the program for me was teaching me how to speak to specific target audiences and learning to really speak to these people instead of a camera. Couldn’t recommend this program highly enough. Go and sign up for it now."

Matt Blaze
Online Fitness Coach

"The work you set out on strategy for video content was excellent and made me focus on my target market. Now I can’t wait to finish your course and get my first video up. Also, the interaction is great on your course and I will recommend it to all my colleagues."

Pauline Cooley
Life Empowerment Coach
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