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Changes the story you tell yourself to transform your results

Learn how making small changes to the stories you tell yourself about ‘who you are’, ‘what you’ve done in the past’, and ‘what you are capable of doing’ can help you bring your results to a whole new level.

While the stories you tell yourself – based on myriad experiences and perceptions you amass over time – shape how you see the world, your place in it and even how your life will likely unfold…

…Your future is not set in stone. You have it within you to change your trajectory, should you wish.

Check our my recent chat with endurance athlete, speaker, author of The Goal Getter and goal setting specialist Gerry Duffy about how to use stories to delimit and reset your psychology — helping you to believe bigger and better stretch goals are within your compass.

Why Changing Your Story Can Transform What You Will Achieve

Lean in to hear us discuss:

  • Why stories are your number one way to assess and make sense of everything you do in life
  • The transformative effects of making small changes in response to stories you experience
  • How altering your thinking can change the value you bring to others
  • Vital insights that can help you re-frame the future story of you
  • Why the future has nothing planned for you
  • A goal setting pitfall you must avoid to build confidence and results more rapidly
  • Why using stories to help teams see what success could be like is so motivating
  • And more

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Discover How to Share Stories That Motivate and Persuade

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