change your story through advocacy

How to change your story through advocacy – Podcast 27

change your story through advocacy

Learn why it’s so important to pay attention to the stories you tell yourself and how making small changes in how you think can transform your self-confidence, your outlook, your capacity to be persuasive, and the amount of trust others place in you.

Welcome to my recent conversation with trial attorney, tv legal analyst, author of The Elegant Warrior, host of the ‘The Elegant Warrior’ podcast and CEO of Advocate to Win, Heather Hansen – when we addressed:

a) How to tap into the power of self-advocacy to craft better stories for yourself (as well as others), and

b) How to overcome resistance from your internal jury that can limit your thinking or potential

Simple strategies to reframe the stories you tell yourself for better results

Lean in to hear us discuss:

  • Why it’s so important to advocate for yourself as well as for others
  • Why facts tell, stories sell and advocates win
  • 3 things you should do to craft a story that will hold sway over any competing stories
  • How investing time in learning how your audiences really see the world will help you to ‘get personal’ in specific ways that will win you greater resonance    
  • Lessons from a New York minute about getting more local so you’re more relatable
  • A great question to ask when you want to figure out what story you should share
  • How your internal jury can judge you and how to combat inner voices that hold you back
  • Strategies that can help you build new habits that reframe how you think and behave
  • How to be your own best advocate
  • And more

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