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Create viral stories

Discover the secrets to crafting stories that ‘appeal to’ and ‘get shared by’ online communities.

In today’s podcast I’m delighted to introduce you to the Co-founder of Mykidstime (which has a community of over 600,000 parents ), a multi-award-winning blogger, a digital marketing expert, and my great pal, Jill Holtz – who shares fabulous insight after insight into what it takes to find and fashion stories that win more views, engagement, comments, and shares online.

Why some stories are more likely to go viral than others

Lean in as we discuss:

  • 7 criteria online communities commonly use to decide if they’ll read your stories
  • The power of sharing your real voice and being personally authentic
  • What you can learn from a viral story that’s had almost 900k views (so far)
  • Why sharing experiences that have emotional resonance is so important
  • How online advice/tips have replaced the chats over garden fences of yesteryear
  • A simple idea that’ll make your audiences feel more connected to your stories
  • How to inspire more sharing of your stories by being deliberately inclusive of others
  • Why authentic titles that reflect your audiences’ interests trounce click bait title results
  • 3 things you want audiences to feel about your stories (and why you shared them)
  • And more

Ready to add real pow to your storytelling impact ?

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