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Uncover what every leader should know about setting your stories up for greater impact on LinkedIn and elsewhere in social media.

Lean in to hear my recent conversation with ‘The LinkedIn Expert’, author, speaker and my pal Viveka Von Rosen about a plethora of ways you can use LinkedIn to boost and extend the power of story-centric content online – helping you win greater visibility and excitement for you, your ideas and your business.

Secrets to Crafting and Sharing Stories Your Audience’ll Love on LinkedIn

Amongst other things, we discuss:

  • What kinds of video and article content is most popular and likely to be shared on LinkedIn
  • Tactics you should adopt to boost your video appeal and impact
  • The power and importance of being consistent
  • 7 deadly story sharing mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn
  • 5 No-brainer techniques you should used to get your content noticed and up audience engagement
  • And so much more

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