Is Your Big Idea Ready to Win the Investment You Crave?

It’s tragic. Many investment pitches are over almost before they start.

Worse still, those who have floundered may not twig their case is lost until after the ship they want to come in has sailed away.

What goes wrong?

If your big idea isn’t clear or compelling, nothing is going to happen.

Never mind all the other homework you’ve done, the PowerPoint Deck that’s awash with detail and your conviction that investors would be mad not to back you…

…Should you fail at this hurdle, you simply won’t get to pass GO and will leave with empty pockets. Here’s why.

Seasoned investors  – especially venture capitalists – are notorious for having short attention spans.  And if they can’t see why your vision is exciting and scalable straight away, chances are you’re on a one ticket to ‘no thanks and don’t forget to shut the door on the way out!’

With good reason – they spend far more time finding reasons to say no than yes.

Truth is, larger VCs receive many thousands of funding requests each year and only invest in a ridiculously low fraction of those they even invite in for a pitch.

It’s a case of ‘many come calling and few are chosen’.

And with a view to finding the few they will work with – few VCs are prepared to waste any energy trying to defuse fuzzy thinking to ‘get at’ why they should be excited about your ideas.

A golden rule – Make it easier for potential investors to say yes.

Don’t expect investors to do your job for you – seeing the potential you may have uncovered through a plethora of detail, a collection of ideas you could pursue or buried well into your pitch.

It’s up to you to hit the ground running, delivering a narrative that grabs attention from the off and never lets go.

Think clarity. Think big. Think sizzle. Think easy to remember and share.

And if you need any assistance to hone your story and win the attention your idea deserves, get in touch – we’ll be delighted to help you to achieve the break through you desire.



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