Look Past Borders for Greater Expert Speaking Success – Podcast 83

Get Booked to Speak InternationallyIf you’re an expert speaker who’d like to speak more often, here’s why it pays to both ‘connect with’ and ‘learn from’ local expert speaker peers and to use this platform to look beyond your borders to ignite your expert speaking success to even higher levels.

And here’s how these communities can set you on the path to being perceived as a world class, ‘go-to source’ speaker for your chosen expertise:

Fact #1. Without help, regardless of what you know and how valuable that may be, it can take years of grafting to become an overnight success as a professional speaker.

Fact #2. One of the very best sources of help to both sharpen your expert speaking abilities AND to open doors to more frequent speaking engagements (of the paid kind) is your local national professional speaking association.

Not only will you find an extraordinary collection of professionals with expertise in myriad topics in these communities – many of whom will be widely recognised as leading authorities on their subjects globally – you can expect to be floored by their willingness to enthusiastically and generously share their expertise, knowledge and advice (which is invaluable)…

…PLUS, you can also find something else: Access to an even broader world of opportunities. Check this out:

Some 13 national professional speaking body around the globe (who represent 15 countries) are part of the Global Speaking Federation and, by virtue of becoming a member of any of these local professional associations, you can tap into a world class array of expertise and networks that can help to further transform and upgrade your speaking game at speed.

And with a view to giving you a small flavour of these opportunities, I’m delighted to introduce you to a trainer of trainers, a PowerPoint presentation wizard, a safety awareness specialist and the current President of  Professional Speaking Association Holland, Frowa Schuitemaker – who shares her journey as a professional speaker to date and how she has been able to fast-track her speaking business by thinking globally.

Tips on Turning Your Expert Speaking Into World Class Speaking

Lean in as we discuss:

  • Getting started as a professional speaker
  • Why expert speakers should seek out local professional speaking associations
  • Extraordinary access to international connections and expertise
  • Cases of instant global networks and access to valuable insights
  • Getting international speaking opportunities versus language issues
  • Surprising truths about how your peers (even those you might think are your competitors) can and will help you
  • A universal lesson that needs to underlie every talk you give
  • And more

How do You Boost Demand For Your Expert Speaking and Your Speaking Game?

What tactics and strategies have you used to become an in-demand expert speaker for your chosen topics to date and what challenges have you encountered on the way?

Share your thoughts about what has worked for you and any  lessons you’ve learned (especially those that fall under the heading of ‘hard knocks’) so far. I’d love to hear from you.

And if you’d like to learn more about how you can hone your expert speaking to a world-class level, so you consistently create and deliver inspiring and memorable talks, contact me at eobrien@thersc.ie – I’ll be delighted to help.











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