Next Level Business Storytelling Masterclass Series

Open to participating in a 90-day deep-dive and highly personalised program where you’ll acquire world-class business storytelling skills that’ll help you inspire others at a new level?

You’ll learn:
  • How to source a deep reservoir of original, personally relatable and interesting stories your audiences will love and that’ll set you apart from your competitors
  • The art of uncovering and building out greater story potential and then choosing the perfect stories for the results you need from any event or occasion
  • The secrets to shaping and sharping stories for greater emotional impact and resonance (so you find the extraordinary within the ordinary and lose story downers)
  • How to tap into Eamonn’s INSPIRE methods – Part 1: Core story enhancements
  • How to tap into Eamonn’s INSPIRE methods – Part 2: Story experience multipliers
  • Polishing and finessing your ultimate storytelling skills

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How Does it Work?

Here’s the plan. This is an advanced program for small groups of expert speakers, trainers and coaches who are serious about achieving next-level storytelling impact and includes:

You’ll learn:
  • A preliminary 30 minute telephone consultation with each participant – Which I will use to: a) learn more about you, your expertise and your business, b) confirm your specific storytelling goals, and c) determine how to best personalise the masterclass series for all participants
  • 6 two-hour deep-dive masterclasses, which will run every 2 weeks during the 90-day program at specified dates and times
  • Assignments to complete during and between each masterclass
  • A further up to 3 thirty-minute one on one telephone/video consultations for each participant over the course of the series (at agreed times and dates) which can be used to review your progress and/or address any specific questions you wish
  • A private Facebook group where you can:
  • Being assigned to a 2 or 3 person accountability group during the series with a view to boosting your focus, industry and learnings over the 90-Day period
  • Full email support for any questions you have during the series

"I found Eamonn’s Transformative Storytelling Masterclass Series to be unbelievably useful and it does what it promises - it truly transforms. His methodology and process absolutely work, they guide you and open your mind. He helps you draw out those nuggets and stories that your audience will relate to. If you do one mastermind this year, this should be it. Your speaking will be on a different level."


"I did Eamonn O’Brien’s masterclass on storytelling and I REALLY enjoyed it. It’s so fun, so positive and helpful for getting to the core of high impact storytelling. And it’s making quite an impact on how I now design and deliver speeches and workshop. I’m now bringing in stories in a far more relaxed and informal way than ever before. And it all works! Eamonn is a master of storytelling and showing you how to do it – helping you to get to better stories and then deliver them. I really recommend this course to you."


"Eamonn has helped me to build my storytelling in so many ways. I feel so lucky to have part of his group. I’ve come up with so many stories already and traveling around the world, I’m now finding more and more, day by day. On top of this, he has given me structures to find the key elements of all my stories so I’m able to make them as small or as big as I need! I definitely recommend Eamonn to you."


"This masterclass is truly transformative – it’ll show you how to source stories, how to format stories and how to tell better business stories to any audience. I now have a storytelling system that consistently generates leads and new business! Fun environment, great content, and highly recommended!"

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