Stop single use of plastic

On stories people need to know and should be told – How sharing stories can reduce the scourge of plastic – Podcast 14

Stop single use of plastic

Learn why choosing to lead with stories of how things could be (versus facts) is a winning strategy if you want to change attitudes and behaviours.

Check out what you can learn from one of the leading experts on environmental waste reduction in Europe, the national coordinator for environmental advocacy groups Voice Ireland and my wife, Mindy O’Brien – who shares some real life examples of how changing the stories your audiences believe are achievable can inspire extraordinary change.

A case study on how telling better stories can transform perceptions and actions

Lean in to hear us discuss:

  • Home truth stories about how plastic consumption is harming humans, wildlife, and our planet
  • Why a 10-minute use of single-use plastic can create a 400-year headache  
  • How individuals can alter stories others believe and inspire change
  • Why challenging myths with better stories can break toxic habits
  • 2 ways people power can change retailer and government behaviours
  • Why small changes being made by a butcher in Supervalu are so heartening
  • Some examples of success stories that are inspiring change
    • The nationwide effects of the Conscious Cup campaign
    • How the Finglas Training Centre changed behaviours overnight
  • How personal actions and agitation can change stories and results
  • And more


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