Once Upon a Brain

Science-backed storytelling strategies to lead transformational change.

You’ll uncover:
  • How to find inspiring stories most people ignore but your audiences will love
  • The secrets to stimulating new thinking in the brain and behaviours
  • 4 ways to craft and shape stories for more impact and influence
  • Core emotions that can help you transform how audiences experience your stories and create new meaning that inspires

These talks and masterclasses are delivered in collaboration with one of Europe’s leading business neuroscientists, Dr Lynda Shaw – where we join forces to deliver science-backed insights on how to more effectively lead others through change from the worlds of business storytelling and psychology.

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"It was an absolute delight to hear you again at our leadership event in London. You blew everyone away and the feedback from the day was amazing. Thanks Eamonn and Lynda."

Barry O'Connell
Division Director, Toastmasters International

"The main things I took away are how easy it can be to make stories more personal, how to lure people into a story, and how to use characters to connect more powerfully with an audience. And I look forward to putting your ideas into practice."

Andrew Blake
Global Solutions Director EMEA, NSC Global

"I was very impressed with their storytelling masterclass. Eamonn and Lynda are unusual in combining the factors of engaging demonstration, a method for achieving what is demonstrated, and basing the techniques on scientific research. I highly recommend their training for the use of powerful storytelling to deliver your message."

Rembrandt Kuipers
VP, Enterprise Architecture Strategy, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

"Thank you for your educational workshop. I really enjoyed it!"

Bogdan Olea
Vice President, Citi
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