Discover the Art of Sharing Transformative Stories

It’s a fact. Speakers who use stories to add meaning to their talks can literally turn ordinary speeches into good ones, and good speeches into outstanding ones. And in this talk, Eamonn O’Brien will share with you exactly what it takes to create stories that will enthral your audiences.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Identify stories most experts ignore but audiences really want to hear
  • Transform seemingly ordinary stories into captivating and compelling crowd-pleasers
  • Tap into the power of humility and vulnerability
  • Find and deliver humour your audiences will love
  • Add the kind of oomph to your story delivery that will make you a more inspiring, influential and in-demand speaker
  • And more

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"Thank you very much Eamonn O’Brien. After attending your Masterclass in Portugal in January, I have completely changed the way I communicate and the feedback I have had has been unbelievable with people telling me they were moved by my stories"

Charlie Robertson
BNI Executive Director, Glasgow & South Lanarkshire.

"Eamonn left my audience of over 50 corporate clients very enlightened on influencing and persuading their target audiences... A superb experience."

Gerry Duffy
Professional Speaker on Goal Setting. Author of The Goal Getter.

"I was very keen to attend a guest lecture by Eamonn O’Brien at Trinity Business Schools! I was engaged throughout and enjoyed every bit of it. Eamonn definitely confirmed how to best engage an audience."

Kyrstyna Harney
Career Development and Alumni Officer, Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin

"The National Stammering Awareness Day had the pleasure of having Eamonn as a guest speaker this year. Eamonn had us in the palm of his hand as we listened intently to his advice on how to be an effective verbal communicator. We were so impressed."

Michael O Shea
Irish Stammering Association
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