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Learn how using authentic stories can boost your audience connection for you, your ideas and your business – online and offline.

Here’s my recent conversation with mobile marketing expert, CNN contributor, and speaker Jamie Turnerabout the secrets to tapping into authentic or more human storytelling for greater audience rapport, bonding, and impact.

The Art of Honing Stories Your Audiences Will Love, Trust and Share

Amongst other things you’ll hear us discuss:

  • What it takes to connect quickly and authentically through story on TV or video versus when you have time to build more rapport and bonding from the stage
  • 4 Tips on how to be more compelling when creating video content
  • Something you should add to your stories to boost audience interaction
  • Why you need to think ‘relatable’ to win more trust
  • Whether it’s a good plan to share vulnerabilities (and should there be limits?)
  • 3 Things that get in the way of authentic storytelling
  • How some of the world’s most highly paid speakers use stories
  • Why you need to avoid the ‘Everest syndrome’ when sharing content
  • The power of being down to earth
  • Closing thoughts on adding impact to your storytelling online and offline
  • And more

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Want Help Crafting Stories That Will Engage the Audiences You Need to Influence?

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ps. To access Jamie’s post about speeches that knock socks off an audience, click here.