Video Marketing Tips: How to Achieve a More Personal Connection on Camera – Podcast 87

Speaking to camera tips Via Ian BrodieWhat does it take to speak to camera in a natural, warm and inviting way – paving the way to more interesting and engaging video marketing content?

I’m going to let you into a secret. Chances are, even if you’re an experienced public speaker (and I include myself and other pro speakers in this comment), few people ace their first few videos.

Truth is…there’s a learning curve involved in getting past common video creation teething/early doors issues – which can include snags like:

  • Straight-Jacket-itis! – Where you appear overly stiff or formal on camera
  • This-Isn’t-Fun-itis! – Where you look stressed, uncomfortable or worried
  • I-Don’t-Know-What’s-Next-itis! You keep forgetting lines you want to say
  • Bunny-In-Headlights-itis! When your eyes say: “Oh, oh. I don’t wanna be here!”
  • Meh’-itis! – Your words may be ok but lack zip because you sound bored!
  • Church-Mouse-itis! – Where your voice is so quiet, it’s hard to hear you

If you’re new to video creation, perhaps you’ve wrestled with some of these ‘stinkers’ so far? Maybe?

But, here’s some good news. You can learn from others who’ve cracked all of these syndromes (and more).

And with that in mind, and as a warm up to the GoDoVideo workshops I’m running with international blogging star Amanda Webb in Manchester, Herts and Newcastle in coming weeks – where you can learn ‘How to create more high impact videos that get seen without any fancy equipment’ (see info here on what’s happening and where)…

…I’m delighted to introduce you to email marketing and online course expert, professional speaker, author and consummate creator of videos that ooze warmth, Ian Brodie – who spills the beans on what he has learned about the art of connecting with others through a video lens.

5 Thought on Being More Relaxed And Engaging When Speaking to Camera

  • What Ian learned about his delivery style by watching early video re-runs
  • How the odd Post-it note can be a better plan than serious scripting
  • The relaxing effect of knowing you can ace your opening and closing thoughts
  • How come more human and relatable experts trump professorial sorts
  • Why you should learn from role models but paddle your own canoe
  • And more


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