Video Marketing Tips: How to Achieve a More Personal Connection on Camera – Podcast 87

Speaking to camera tips Via Ian BrodieWhat does it take to speak to camera in a natural, warm and inviting way – paving the way to more interesting and engaging video marketing content?

I’m going to let you into a secret. Chances are, even if you’re an experienced public speaker (and I include myself and other pro speakers in this comment), few people ace their first few videos.


On Public Speaking Anxiety and Ridiculous Advice You Should Ignore

Public speaking fear cure mythsFact. With few exceptions, most speakers (including professional orators) experience some level of public speaking anxiety every time they face an audience. But, not all advice on tackling these fears is well founded. Far from it.

So, I had an interesting chat with a senior executive in a multinational I’ll name Bill (not his real name) during a recent public speaking skills masterclass. And truth be told, this is a more common conversation than you might imagine.

As we were beginning to discuss how easily he could use small changes to his body language to boost his audience connection, Bill made an admission:


9 Business Storytelling Tips From Master Storyteller Doug Stevenson. Podcast 86

When asked for storytelling tips, here’s one of my favourite questions: “Where can I find a perfect story when I need one for a presentation or talk?”

And that’s because I have great news for you: You’re likely good to go to find exactly what you need right now (and/or can add more awesome material in a really short space of time).

Not sure that’s true? Consider this:

As of this very second, your head is chock full of stories you have accumulated for as long as you’ve been on this mortal coil – from work, rest and play. And, with even a modicum of curiousity and a handy-dandy notebook, you can readily accumulate more great stuff every day (click here for an instant example).

In fact, you are awash with great storytelling material.


…The bigger questions you need to ask when selecting stories for a speech are:


On the art of storytelling: A Lesson from an Awesome TED Talk Story

Storytelling Lessons From TED 2010It’s almost as essential as breathing. Storytelling is by far and away the fuel that drives most meaning or purpose everyone, you included, get or share in life.

As a human, you are hardwired to use stories as your ‘go to’ means of making sense of your experiences over time, your relationships, how you envisage your future may unfold, and on it goes.

All of which should make it a no-brainer to lead with stories when giving talks to inspire others (ahead of likely forgettable details) in business or social settings. It’s a crowd pleasing and winning tactic, right?


…Although storytelling may seem like second nature to one and all, here’s a truism: not all stories are equal in their capacity to captivate, hold attention, or to become truly memorable.