Use Structure to Ignite Your Business Stories: More Improv Star Tips – Podcast 80

Improv Comedy Star Rachael MasonAs a follow-up to my last post about how speakers can learn from the world of improv comedy when honing more interesting business story characters, here’s my question this week: To what extent should you use structure to ignite better stories every time you speak?

If your gut answer is ‘not much’ or ‘not at all’, could this be down to concerns that bothering with structure might get in the way of your creativity – bringing a halt to your gallop or maybe encouraging ‘cookie cutter’, ‘paint by number’ or ‘me too’ story telling?

If these or similar concerns occur to you –  at one level, you’d be right.

A fill in the blanks or formulaic approach to storytelling simply won’t set audiences on fire. Rather, it’ll lead to forgettable audience experiences.

BUT…there’s the other side of the coin (the side I’d recommend).


Bring Your Business Story Characters to Life: Lessons From an Improv Queen – Podcast 79

Create Better Business Story Characters_Susan Messing TipsPerhaps I’m losing the plot? In this first of 2 articles on how to create better business stories, I’m about to extol the character development lessons speakers can acquire from the world of improv comedy!

That’s right. Despite my constant advocacy in this blog and elsewhere that it’s downright foolhardy to ‘wing’ speeches (because it’s a recipe for creating less coherent, meaningful or memorable audience experiences AND can lead to embarrassment where things go wrong)…

…There is a great deal business speakers can learn from a theatre art form that’s based on making plots, characters and dialogue up on the spot.

And this is especially true when it comes to better character development and ways in which you can use structure or form to add oomph to tales you tell.


7 Tips to Help You Add More Clarity to Every Presentation You Give – Podcast 78

Boost Clarity in Your Public SpeakingNigh on every leader will tell you that achieving clarity is ‘mission critical’ when giving presentations to those they wish to influence.

Of course. After all, if you’re succinct, precise and unambiguous, you’ll make it easier for your audiences to get and remember your ideas.

Great. That sounds like a good plan and should be simple enough to achieve, right?

Of course, the answer should be yes.


How to Use Speaking to Win a World of New Opportunities – Podcast 77

Build Global Visibility Via Public Speaking If you’re looking for opportunities to build visibility for you, your ideas/expertise or your business on an international scale, here’s some great news:

Speaking up can be your fast pass ticket to rapidly gaining a foothold/presence in chosen markets around the world. Here’s why.