Go Local to Pave Your Way to a Home Run Speech

Today’s post is about why finding ways to ‘go local’ in your presentations or talks can help you to achieve as much (and oftentimes more) connection and impact as you can via seemingly more sophisticated content – paving your way to a home run speech.


Need to Manage Change? Beware of This Harsh Brexit Lesson

It can be tough to manage change, especially if faced with the need to unravel ingrained, multi-layered behaviours, systems and ways of doing things.

And while this can be plenty complicated at a corporate level, how about ‘them Brexit apples’ (as the UK starts a process that will lead to its divorce from European Union membership)?


Don’t Lash Out During a PR Crisis – Why Trump is Playing With Fire

Don't lash out in a PR CrisisToday’s post was inspired by a personal anecdote that shines a light on why leaders shouldn’t lash out when faced with a PR crisis and negative press coverage.


2 Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt and Speak Up With More Confidence – Podcast 85

Overcome Self Doubt and Speak Up With ConfidenceHas self-doubt ever caused you to ‘not’ speak up at a meeting or event, even where you knew in your heart and soul that your voice should have been heard?

If you said yes, you’re not alone.

Over the years, I’m worked with thousands of seriously smart business leaders and professionals who regularly backed away from situations where they wanted to say something and didn’t.

How come? Why on earth not?