Don’t squeeze a story into your speech when short on time – Try this awesome alternative

Win more audience attention with storiesLet’s say you’d like to give a story-centric speech, because you know stories are far and away the most powerful means for a speaker to connect with audiences at an emotional level (true that!) — But you’re only expected to speak for just a few moments and don’t believe you’ll have time to squeeze in a story or to do it justice.

What should you do?


2 Tips Every Speaker Should Take From Prince Harry and Meghan’s Mega Royal Wedding

2 tips for speakers from a royal wedding

Inspiration for public speaking tips I share can sometimes come from peculiar places! Here’s a for instance:

You’d have had to be living under a rock not to know about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s fairy-tale wedding last weekend. And while I wasn’t one of the reported one billion folks who tuned in to watch the pageantry, pomp and glamour of their big day, my missus Mindy saw the whole thing and loved it.

So what did you think were the best things from the day? I asked her (hours after the fact).

Oh, that’s easy. Said Mindy

Meghan’s frock was fabulous — so simple and elegant.

And, even though it should have been shorter, I loved Bishop Michael Curry of Chicago’s homily — it was refreshingly human 

Judging by the highlights I saw later in the day, that was a perfect summary of the event and I was especially struck by two of the phrases Mindy used: ‘simple and elegant’ and ‘refreshingly human’…

…Hmm. Now those are things you should want said of any talk you give. Here’s why:


Why Storytelling is a Secret to Awesome Business Networking Results

Having fears about business networking isn’t just normal, it’s more wide-spread that you might imagine!

Research shows 1 in 4 people feel so uncomfortable about these situations that they avoid them like the plague. And another estimated 50%, called ambiverts (people who osculate between being introvert and extrovert), admit to experiencing varying degrees of networking butterflies depending on the seniority of people likely to attend an event or how high stakes they think an occasion is.

Yuk, especially since it’s hard to get on in any business or career if you can’t embrace networking. In fact, as the CEO of Campbell Soup Denise Morrison puts it: “Networking is working”

She’s right and here’s just a small selection of why that’s true:

  • 95% of leaders argue that in person meetings are essential to stronger and more meaningful business relationships (Forbes)
  • The majority (80%) of marketers believe live events are critical to their success (Bizzabo)
  • 70% to 80% of all jobs are found through networking (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

And yet, per Greg McKeown in the Harvard Business Review, 99% of networking is a waste of time!

“Say what? Hold the canapes and where’s the exit?” I hear you say! What’s he talking about?


How to Boost Your Speaker Impact and Influence – An Interview With Daniel Priestley

Boost Your Speaker Influence

There’s a good reason why speakers who focus on influence ahead of directing audiences have greater appeal and impact.

That’s because, as author and management expert Ken Balchard puts it so well:

The key to succesful leadership today is influence, not authority.

And the same is true when it comes to being perceived as a thought leader.

Of course, that can seem easier said than done.

And while most everyone, likely including you, would say “Yes please, I’d love to feel I could score more highly on influence when speaking”…