A Surprisingly Easy Way to Source Great Stories for Your Business Talks

Taxi drivers are a great source of stories for business talksIf you’re ever short of a story for a business talk, what’s your go-to method to source new or local stories that might be worth sharing?


How to Extend the Power of Your Stories on Social Media – Podcast 1

Business Storytelling on LinkedInUncover what every leader should know about setting your stories up for greater impact on LinkedIn and elsewhere in social media.

Lean in to hear my recent conversation with ‘The LinkedIn Expert’, author, speaker and my pal Viveka Von Rosen about a plethora of ways you can use LinkedIn to boost and extend the power of story-centric content online – helping you win greater visibility and excitement for you, your ideas and your business.


Use Stories to Build Authentic Connection With Any Audience – Podcast 2


The power of authentic business storytellingLearn how using authentic stories can boost your audience connection for you, your ideas and your business – online and offline.

Here’s my recent conversation with mobile marketing expert, CNN contributor, and speaker Jamie Turner about the secrets to tapping into authentic or more human storytelling for greater audience rapport, bonding, and impact.


How Instinct Saved Des’s Life (And What Every Storyteller Needs to Know About Gut Reactions)

Gut Reaction Power and StoryHave you ever wondered why your brain is more predisposed to remember and take lessons from dangerous experiences you encounter during life than other stuff that comes your way?

To learn why, let’s take a look at a recent case in point: